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Summer Camp

June 11, 2018
The Summer Camp Program was developed around the concept of Project Based Learning. PBL is a hands-on dynamic approach to teaching in which students explore real-world problems and challenges, simultaneously developing cross-curriculum skills while working in small collaborative groups. Proponents of PBL cite numerous benefits to the implementation of these strategies in the classroom including a greater depth of understanding of concepts, broader knowledge base, improved communication and interpersonal/social skills, enhanced leadership skills, increased creativity, and improved writing skills. Research also indicates that students are more likely to retain the knowledge gained through this approach far more readily than through traditional textbook-centered learning. The PBL component will use the Common Core Standards (CCS) to outline the expected outcome. Some of the benefits of imbedding the CCS into the PBL activities are: 1) consistent learning expectations for all students, 2) clear standards that focus on understanding over memorization, 3) emphasis on the critical topics students need to succeed after high school, and 4) faster testing results with a better, more focused online assessment system.
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