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PBL Showcase

January 22, 2016
Project-based learning, as with all lessons, requires much preparation and planning. It begins with an idea and an essential question. When our kindergarten teachers design the project and the essential question that will launch the activities, they identify the educational standards that will be addressed. With these standards in mind, they devise a plan that will integrate as many subjects as possible into the project. Application of knowledge ensures that the students solidify the concepts to build upon. At the end of their 2nd PBL quarter, the kindergartners learned about the difference between plant and animals. They also understood what a plant and an animal produce. Parents were invited to this showcase of knowledge.

An important process of business is the planning process. Our 3rd graders worked for several weeks in developing a recording business. Students were broken down into small teams which assumed responsibilities as marketing managers, publicists, recording artists, CEO's, accountants, and stylists. Each group represented to the families their job requirements, salaries, and importance in the planning process and success of the business.

Inspired on the show "Shark Tank", the 4th class was challenged to create their own business. During the last few weeks, each team developed a business plan which culminated in a live pitch to their parents justifying why their business was worth funding. Each group exposed the purpose of their business, how much it would cost to fund it, and how much profit they would make. Each team picked a day and a time during the following weeks in which they will sell their products in our school media center. Parents were invited to fund their projects in order for each team to operate. Any profits at the end of the season will be donated to a non for profit organization of the team's choice.

Learning can be fun, specially when it is shared with the families. During this last quarter's PBL project, the 5th and 6th graders learned about the US government, our founding fathers' vision of the constitution, and the branches of government. The PBL study culminated with a game show in which the students challenged the parents with difficult questions. It was obvious that the parents were no match for our students!
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