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21st CCLC
Our Mission Statement
The mission of Kingdom Academy is to develop technologically literate, self-reliant, high achieving students in grades K-5th that are able to transfer knowledge and skills to real life situations and are prepared to succeed in college, the global market place and society.

Our Vision
The vision of Kingdom Academy is to provide students with the experience of Virtual Enterprise, a program where students simulate all activities of actual business, including buying and selling, marketing, accounting and administration, and the National Academy of Finance.

What Makes Us Different
Kingdom Academy is committed to the education of young children and the achievement of their optimal developmental level. Our program views itself as a support system for the child and his/her family. To this end, staff is carefully selected, and programs are individually planned to meet the unique needs of each child. The program provides a multitude of educational opportunities through which each child is guided towards his/her greatest potential.

We believe strongly that the child learns best through direct experiences with his/her world and through interaction with other children and adults.

Kingdom Academy is situated in the heart of Kendall, in a state of the art building constructed in 2007. The students enjoy large classrooms, equipped with smart boards and computers that facilitate instruction that are properly scaffold to meet the individual needs of each participant. In addition, a cafeteria, media/library center, playground, and organized sport fields are available to all the students on a daily basis. The facility provides a kitchen that will allow hot meals to be cooked for all the students that wish to participate in the food program. The building design takes into account the safety of the students and staff. Access to the building is limited, and the building plan minimizes the risk of violent or disruptive behavior. Escape routes are posted throughout the building in case of a fire or other emergency that requires the evacuation of the building.

Guiding Principles and Purpose
Focusing on educational excellence, students pair technological approaches with hands-on methods, to develop the skills, knowledge and confidence in academic and social skills matters to participate fully in society.

Families and Teachers work together to develop school principles and an action plan intended to:

•Increase academic achievement while improving the student’s self-esteem, peer-interactions and socio-emotional development.

•Provide a student-centered interdisciplinary approach to collaborations, and academic standards to real world experiences.

•Provide continuous professional development that meets the needs of staff and ensures continuous school improvement.

•Employ the human and economic resources of local, community and government agencies to provide a sequence of work learning experiences.

•Implement an active family involvement program that reflects the values of the school's involvement.

•Ensure mutual accountability of student’s progress both at home and at school.

•An increase in the student’s daily use of innovative technology in their research.

•An inclusion setting with individualized educational plans (IEP’s) focusing on student achievement and accountability.

•Positive Character development through the use of positive behavior support, conflict resolution and effective communication skills in weekly lessons and activities.

•Encourage active participation in community, with opportunity to develop leadership and advocacy skills along with good citizenship qualities.
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