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Project Based Learning Showcases

January 18, 2016
An important process of business is the planning process. Our 3rd graders worked for several weeks in developing a recording business. Students were broken down into small teams which assumed responsibilities as marketing managers, publicists, recording artists, CEO's, accountants, and stylists. Each group represented to the families their job requirements, salaries, and importance in the planning process and success of the business. Inspired on the show "Shark Tank", the 4th class was challenged to create their own business. Each team developed a business plan which culminated in a live pitch to their parents justifying why their business was worth funding. the 5th and 6th graders learned about the US government, our founding fathers' vision of the constitution, and the branches of government. The PBL study culminated with a game show in which the students challenged the parents with difficult questions. It was obvious that the parents were no match for our students! The Kindergartners learned about the difference between plant and animals. They also understood what a plant and an animal produce. Parents were invited to this showcase of knowledge. The first grade class showed to the families their new learned business skills by personifying the different employees of a restaurant. Students had to learn that each position, from the dishwasher to the manager, were equally important for the success and operation of the restaurant. They also learned about public speaking, taxes, tips, and management skills. The parents were impressed with their abilities and seriousness in acting their part.
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